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The Business Value Of Your Code

SwiftConf 2019

On understanding how your specific coding tasks are making the company money and how to use that broad view to better motivate your judgment calls and negotations.

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These Are The Times To Grow Our Souls

Swift By Northwest 2018

On how personal isolation is a community failure and how we should deepen our relationships through depth, not scale. Inspired by Grace Lee Boggs.

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Implementing Compassion

UIKonf 2017

A framework on how to build a growth mindset at work with some heavy-handed programming metaphors. You love to see it.

Keep Calm and Type Erase On

try!Swift 2016

A short primer on type theory and the motivation for using type erasure. (Or, the reason why is it so dang hard to have a generic type on a protocol.)

While Your App is Sleeping

iOSDevUK 2015, NSSpain 2015

An overview of downloading while your app is in the background using Background Transfer Services.

Why Swift is Swift

Swift Summit 2015

Why Swift can be faster than Objective-C through static dispatch and vtables.

F5 Steganography

Brooklyn iOS Meetup 2013

The math behind matrix encoding and how to use it for hiding password-protected secret messages in JPEG coefficients with minimal distortion.

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