The cover for Nourishing Practice. There are three shelves of spices and cooking ingredients.
Table of content for the book, Nourishing Practice.

Nourishing Practice

A Guide to Building a Cooking Habit

Learning to cook can be overwhelming. It might even feel embarassing to admit that you have trouble in this area! Shouldn’t it be simple? Don’t you, literally, have a recipe for what to do?

However, cooking involves many interdependent, time-sentitive decisions! You want to sequence recipes with ingredients that overlap so they get used up, you want grocery runs that fit into your schedule but also can provide the ingredients you need, you want to cook recipes that are at your level and enjoyable so that you feel like you haven’t wasted your money, time, and energy for mediocre results.

This book breaks down how to make all those decisions. We’ll see how things that seem obvious and simple, like choosing a recipe or making a grocery list, have hidden challenges, and go through exercises and action items that will empower you to create your own solutions.

When you’re done, you’ll be able to:

  • Articulate your cooking goals and create a learning journey around them
  • Quickly determine recipes that will be enjoyable to learn with a developed recipe compass
  • Build a cooking routine that is resilient to your schedule constraints
  • Self-assess and learn from your cooking experiments using a four-step iterative framework
  • Make judgment calls in the face of uncertainty and cooking mishaps

Published April 2020