The cover for Intentional Friendship. There is a hand holding a palmful of flowers.

Intentional Friendships

A Gentle Guide to Building Relationships — $10

Making new friends as an adult is hard. Outside of the convenience of a structured environment like a school or job, where do you meet new people that you can connect with? How to initiate those conversations and not get burnt out or bored by small talk? When you find someone you do spark with, how do you grow that connection into something more?

This zine will provide answers to all these questions and more! These 60 pages of content contain exercises to help you figure out what you’re looking for, action steps that you can do right now, and the most gentle of cheerleading to encourage you along the way! ☺

Topics include:

  • Figuring out your friendship needs
  • Two different paradigms for meeting new people
  • A small talk template!
  • Growing an acquaintance to a intimate friend
  • Introducing vulnerability into a relationship

Published July 2018